Miles Edgeworth: Justifying the existence of index fingers

February 18, 2010

If you liked previous Ace Attorney games, Edgeworth is good!

…that’s really all I have.

It’s a point and click, but not particularly involved in either.  It plays like the other games, but with an emphasis on investigating, while changing it up to be fun.  Cases are still beefy and interestingly written and the new characters are just as good as Phoenix’s troupe.

Here’s eight or so minutes near the beginning of the game.  It doesn’t show much, but with this kind of game, you really don’t want to see too much.

If you’ve never played the other games, this isn’t a bad place to start, but it’s no better or worse than starting with the first game.  For series veterans, here is your hit, crackheads.  Try not to twitch too much.


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