If you liked previous Ace Attorney games, Edgeworth is good!

…that’s really all I have.

It’s a point and click, but not particularly involved in either.  It plays like the other games, but with an emphasis on investigating, while changing it up to be fun.  Cases are still beefy and interestingly written and the new characters are just as good as Phoenix’s troupe.

Here’s eight or so minutes near the beginning of the game.  It doesn’t show much, but with this kind of game, you really don’t want to see too much.

If you’ve never played the other games, this isn’t a bad place to start, but it’s no better or worse than starting with the first game.  For series veterans, here is your hit, crackheads.  Try not to twitch too much.


Did Bioshock need a sequel?

No, said the fans, who enjoyed Bioshock well enough.

No, said the critics, who thought it was self-contained.

Yes, said Take Two, because money is sexually arousing.

And that is why we’re here, at Bioshock 2, the Big Daddiest Bioshock of them all.  It’s not awful.  It might even be pretty good.  It’s competent, enjoyable at times, good graphics, they have the atmosphere of Bioshock nailed down and even improved the combat.

The problem, if this is a problem to you, is that it is literally Bioshock again.  Hell, within the first ten minutes, you go to a vending machine, pick up a plasmid, pass out, and get talked to by a Little Sister before she goes off with this game’s Big Family Member.  I wonder if this would all have more of an impact if it didn’t feel like you were retreading old ground, but how many people playing Bioshock 2 haven’t played the original?

The game has merit, though.  As evidenced by this video, probably the coolest part of the first hour, the game knows how to do atmosphere just as well as the original Bioshock team did.

The question is, why don’t they exercise this different and equally valid talent more?  Hopefully they will as the game continues.

Until then, Bioshock 2 feels like Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar – fine, probably pretty good if you really love the first one, but ultimately doesn’t have that same oomph of the original.

Mass Effect 2: Jack Off

February 1, 2010

Mass Effect 2 is a really good game I could probably nitpick to death.  That’s not to say it doesn’t have flaws, it has a lot – a lot – but the whole is greater than the sum.

But it’s still a Bioware game, so it still has hilarious glitches.  Watch what happens in the very first fight I bring Jack in to ever.

Way to earn your place, dumbass!