Little Big Planet Portable: Coming Apart at the Seams

November 12, 2009

Hey, kids!

Remember Little Big Planet?

Now you can play it  away from your PS3!

…yeah, I don’t get it either.  LBPP is pretty impressive for a handheld title, really.  It gets far closer to the PS3 game than it really has any right to, but it exposes the flaws the original had very clearly.  With the stellar graphics, personality, community, and (relatively better) controls stripped away, there’s little stitching holding the game together.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve been playing NSMB Wii a lot the last few days, but the fundamental controls for the LBP series just aren’t tight enough.  It’s a very deliberate decision, but it’s one that keeps LBP from being a good platformer.  This problem is exacerbated by the PSP’s analog nub being kind of a shitty control method.

If you liked LBP and want to play it away from home, LBP Portable won’t disappoint.  If you didn’t really dig LBP, its little brother won’t change your mind.


2 Responses to “Little Big Planet Portable: Coming Apart at the Seams”

  1. yakul Says:

    This is the most accurate representation of Australia I’ve ever seen

    just giant fuck boomerangs everywhere

  2. […] seen anyone get this kind of quality graphics out of the PSP.  Even Little Big Planet Portable (see yesterday’s post about it) doesn’t come as close to matching its console […]

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