Found this girl playing in Denerim.

If this is a skill, I demand to learn it.


No video updates this weekend

November 13, 2009

I’ve run a little behind on my recording and unless people want to see video of me starting a bunch of games as opposed to interesting stuff inside them, then I’m going to have to use this weekend to actually play games.

I’ll be back on Sunday or Monday with Jak & Daxter PSP.

Assassin’s Creed was not a good game.

It burned me in ways few games have.  I spent a lot of time thinking – and saying, loudly – that it was the first example of a real “next-gen” game.  Something that uses all that extra power for something beyond graphical fidelity.  And it kind of did!  It just sucked.

This is why I was incredibly surprised to try Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines for the PSP, expecting it to be a terrible version of the game I already didn’t like, but it turns out the terrible ideas that made up Assassin’s Creed works fine on the PSP.

The graphics are really mindblowing.  Outside of Square-Enix, I have not seen anyone get this kind of quality graphics out of the PSP.  Even Little Big Planet Portable (see yesterday’s post about it) doesn’t come as close to matching its console brother.

The things that drove me crazy about Assassin’s Creed – the mission structure, the simple combat, the unused and unnecessary space – work fine in a handheld structure.  City sections are broken up in sections, making finding mission objectives easy.  Combat is simple, which is good because you don’t want to spend a long time fighting, and the mission structure lends itself perfectly to simply putting the PSP in sleep mode when you get bored of it.

It’s not amazing, but they managed to make Assassin’s Creed work.  Maybe I’ll be delightfully surprised by Assassin’s Creed 2, as well?  Or it could turn out to be the disappointment the first one was and more?

We’ll see come next year.

Today, Borderlands decided to fuck up my save. I had to use file directory trickery to roll it back a few days.

It was not a fun glitch.

This is, though.

If I could play the rest of the game like that, I would.

Hey, kids!

Remember Little Big Planet?

Now you can play it  away from your PS3!

…yeah, I don’t get it either.  LBPP is pretty impressive for a handheld title, really.  It gets far closer to the PS3 game than it really has any right to, but it exposes the flaws the original had very clearly.  With the stellar graphics, personality, community, and (relatively better) controls stripped away, there’s little stitching holding the game together.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve been playing NSMB Wii a lot the last few days, but the fundamental controls for the LBP series just aren’t tight enough.  It’s a very deliberate decision, but it’s one that keeps LBP from being a good platformer.  This problem is exacerbated by the PSP’s analog nub being kind of a shitty control method.

If you liked LBP and want to play it away from home, LBP Portable won’t disappoint.  If you didn’t really dig LBP, its little brother won’t change your mind.

Have you ever been playing Mega Man 2 and thought to yourself, “This game is great, but what it really needs are little girls”?  If so, you’re probably going to get arrested.  Also you forgot Roll.

For those of you just curious to try a PC freeware platformer that is Mega Man 2’s skeleton wrapped in the skin of adorable little girls, there’s Mega Mari.  And it’s really tough.

Supposedly the characters are all from the Touhou license, of which I know nothing about.  But if you liked Mega Man 2 and want a cute little platformer to play in your free time, might as well give it a shot.

I’ll post full impressions another time, but the game is fun.  Controls are somewhere between Mario 1 and 3 with still a lot of momentum-based movement but also a lot more control over it.

Here’s the first mid-boss and the tower preceding them.  Input lag kills a game like this, so I wasn’t doing all that hot.